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White Water Lily Elixir

    • 30 mL
      ACTIVATE: Awareness
      MESSAGE: Sharpen your senses

      White Water Lily flower elixir has the effect of bringing us into a world of deeper sensitivity. It magnifies clarity and helps us feel more in tune by transforming our ordinary perception into seeing the magic of the world we live in. Includes floral journal with beautiful photos and reflection questions.

      MAGNIFIES: Awareness, sensitivity to others’ needs, compassion, synchronicity; feeling more connected to everyone and everything around you; sharper senses and perception: hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, tasting

    • DISSOLVES: Lack of awareness or clarity; ignorance or feeling dull; walls around you that prevent you from seeing


    • USE: Enjoy 5 drops sublingually 5 times each day regularly until bottle is finished; or put a dropperful in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day.

      GET CREATIVE: Morning coffee, party punch, restaurants, water bottle, child’s water or juice, pet’s water, cocktails.

      FEEL A DIFFERENCE: Most people feel a dramatic difference in their everyday state of mind within 2-3 days, with a cumulative effect over time. If used regularly, bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, enough time to experience a significant shift in mood and everyday life. Safe (& excellent) for children over 12 months of age.

    • INGREDIENTS:  Flower essences of Nymphaea odorata (White Water Lily) and Nelumba nucifera (Lotus) in pure water, certified organic Vitis vinifera (Grape) alcohol, and *honey.  *Ethically sourced. For adults & children over 1 year.